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  Export Outlook for U.S. DDGS Challenging, but Promising
  Trump Demands DOJ Probe FBI Role 05/21 06:05
  Moon Role Diminished in Trump Talks 05/21 06:12
  Syria Gov't Resumes Anti-IS Offensive 05/21 06:01
  Kerry: Civil Discourse Under Threat 05/21 06:08
  Europe Wary of Italy Government Moves 05/21 06:11
  School Shooting Victims Remembered 05/21 06:04
  Maduro Wins Contested Venezuela Vote 05/21 06:07
  US-China Trade Progress Sends Stocks Up05/21 16:08
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@C8N 401'2 -1'4
@S8N 1021'2 -4'0
@W8N 505'4 -1'6
@O8N 245'0 -0'2
MSFT 97.600000 1.240000
WMT 84.510000 0.870000
XOM 82.280000 0.980000
TWX 94.740000 0.290000

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