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  DTN Weekly DDG Offers Slim
  Barr Order: Increase Home Confinement 04/04 10:49
  Trump Fires Watchdog Over Whistleblower04/04 11:00
  WH Convenes Oil CEOs at Summit 04/04 10:45
  Biden to Name VP Vetting Team 04/04 10:56
  Saudi Rebukes Russia Over Oil Collapse 04/04 10:59
  State Unemployment Systems Tested 04/04 10:48
  Trump, 3M Clash Over Face Masks 04/04 10:55
  US Stocks Drop on Jobs Numbers 04/03 16:38
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@C0K 330'4 -2'6
@S0K 853'4 -4'4
@W0K 551'4 7'4
@O0K 274'0 8'2
MSFT 153.830000 - 1.430000
WMT 119.480000
XOM 39.210000

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