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  DTN Weekly DDG Prices Higher on Average
  White House Prepares for Shutdown 09/22 12:23
  Biden to Deliver Democracy Speech in AZ09/22 06:47
  Ukraine Launches Strike on Russia HQ 09/22 06:30
  EU Official: UN Needs Urgent Reform 09/22 06:41
  Syria, China Announce Partnership 09/22 06:46
  Zelenskyy to Speak Before Canadian Gov 09/22 06:34
  VP Harris to Lead Gun Violence Office 09/22 06:39
  Wall Street a Bit Steadier Friday 09/22 10:04
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@C3Z 477'6 2'0
@S3X 1295'2 2'4
@W3Z 579'4 3'6
@O3Z 425'4 5'6
MSFT 317.0100 - 2.5200
WMT 162.3500 0.4300
XOM 114.9400 0.1800

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