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  Rain and Snow Shattering Farmers' Hopes for Decent Soybean Crop
  Trump: Severe Consequences for Saudis 10/19 06:13
  States,Feds Unite on Election Security 10/19 06:20
  Europe, Asia Leaders Meet on Trade 10/19 06:09
  Manafort in Court for Sentencing 10/19 06:16
  O'Rourke: I'd Vote to Impeach Trump 10/19 06:19
  Afghans to Vote Despite Taliban Threats10/19 06:12
  Booker Gets Warm Welcome From SC Dems 10/19 06:15
  US Stocks Wobble at End of Week 10/19 15:55
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@S8X 856'2 -6'6
@W8Z 513'6 1'6
@O8Z 295'4 0'0
MSFT 108.660000 0.160000
WMT 97.150000 0.980000
XOM 81.970000 0.120000

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