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  DTN Weekly Average DDG Price Higher Again
  Trump, Biden Prep for First Debate 09/27 11:10
  Trump Caps SCOTUS Remake With Barrett 09/27 11:21
  Belarus to UN:Sanctions Harmful For All09/27 11:07
  Lawmakers Concerned About GA Site 09/27 11:15
  Trump Campaign Sues Over Ballot Changes09/27 11:19
  Fighting Erupts in Armenia, Azerbaijan 09/27 11:09
  Syria Min.: Turkey Main Terror Sponsor 09/27 11:13
  US Stocks Post Solid Gains Friday 09/25 16:21
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@W0Z 544'0 -5'4
@O0Z 283'2 -3'4
MSFT 207.820000 4.630000
WMT 137.270000
XOM 34.640000

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